Sunday, March 9, 2014

Craft Room Unedited

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. I have the "day off" today. Chris and Char are spending the day together at a Robotic competition. I haven't had a day to myself in I don't know how long and I am in HEAVEN. I did a lot of my chores on Friday and Saturday so I could spend the day in my craft room.

I am always saying to people that I am going to post what my craft room looks like but I never do because when it is clean enough to "stage," it is usually late at night and I cannot take photos. I decided to take some snapshots today and am posting them unedited. Can you say chaos? I figured most crafters would understand and if you don't, oh well.

First, you have to forgive me for the color. This room used to be Char's bedroom when she was a baby. A few years ago we moved her upstairs and converted this room into a craft room for me. It was a purple and I had stamped a butterfly border around the room. I wanted a change up so I bought a few samples and painted squares of color on the walls. Being the dork I am, I painted over the purple and so this color was originally lighter. However, after Chris primed the walls white and put the first coat of this paint on, I thought I would die. This is NOT my favorite green. The only way it was going to be painted over was if I did it and I am the WORST painter there is so that was not going to happen so I am living with it. It does keep you awake at night when you are in here because it is so bright.

Ok, now for the tour. This first photo is of the wall to the right of the door when you walk into my room. 

The shelves are from Ikea and it literally covers the whole wall. I originally started with the orange boxes and then they discontinued them, as they did with this shelving unit. I wasn't happy because we were buying the doors a little at a time because they were the most expensive part. Now we cannot get them anymore. I really wanted everything covered up so it would look neater. 

You cannot see the left side and I didn't take a good photo of it but it holds all my patterned paper, my flowers, scrapbooks and underneath, more paper. In all the boxes are paper, chipboard, clear stamps, envelopes, embossing folders etc… When we design it, I wanted the middle open like this so I could have my die cutting machine out. It is my little "station." On the left of the bulletin board I have three magnetic knife holders that hold some of my dies and some are on the board itself. I am in the process of changing things around, though, and putting my dies into plastic CD envelopes to store in one of the orange boxes. 

This is not a great photo but my work space is to the right of the entrance. I have it set up so I don't have to get up for scissors, rulers, tape etc… A lot is in front of me and I have drawers to the right and left under the desk. I sit facing the closet door which has magnetic containers filled with sequins and other small embellishments. A tiny portion of my punches are stored to the right on towel bars. Under the punches stands two storage units that were in my upstairs room before I moved down here. They contain things I don't use that much and on top if it are my Stampin Up! markers and my set of Zig scrapbook markers.

To the right of my work space I have my Copic markers and right now, a huge mess of plastic stamps. The Copic storage I bought when the scrapbook store I used to work at closed. It was the display. I wish I had been able to buy the second one but it was not empty yet. To the right of the markers you can kind of see my Silhouette Digital Cutter, which is permanently set up.

Above my Copic markers I have most of my buttons sorted into colors. Some are from PTI, some from MFT but most are from my sewing days. It took me about three days to sort them all and I have a couple larger jars of red and green buttons that I cannot even fit on the shelves. Charlotte says I don't need any more buttons but I kind of have a fetish for them. 

To the right of the markers is my computer. My desk is set up in a U shape so I can fit all this stuff around.

As I am looking at these, I cannot even believe I am posting them because this is pretty messy!! 

Above my computer I have a little shelf I bought at a tag sale for a dollar and then I painted it white. I have some paints and a few of my sprays displayed up there for now.

To the right of my computer I have my most recent purchase-a light tent. 

I bought this because most of the time when I scrap or make cards, it is at night. Often, the cards need to be sent out to specific people the next day so I wanted to be able to photograph them right away rather then wait until morning. I bought two cheap lamps at Walmart and some daylight bulbs. I still have to edit my photos but a lot less then I used to. I need one more lamp on the top but just haven't had the energy to shop for it yet.

Under where the light tent is my scrap drawer.

I have separated by color for the most part. I could probably use another to even further separate into card stock versus patterned paper but this works for me.

Well, that is all for today. Maybe I will post again when I have fully cleaned it up but at the rate I am going, when I have the time, I would rather craft in here then clean!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great night!!