Wednesday, July 26, 2017

College Tours and a Little Trip to a Lavender Farm

Hey everyone!! I have not been around in a week or so. Last week we went on a road trip for Charlotte to tour some colleges. We toured American and George Washington in D.C. and then Clemson in North Carolina.

In between we went to family in Atlanta and in Charleston. We spent the night in a new place almost every night so the trip was exhausting!! So far out of all the colleges we have visited, she likes American the best. Kind of funny because we forced Charlotte on this tour because after browsing the web site, she didn't like it. In person, though, she really liked it. That is why you visit the colleges I guess!!

We then had a great time at my cousins house. So funny that after all these years, we still try to see each other once a year. Charlotte LOVES to visit too!!

No cards today. I have had time but no mojo. Instead I have been shopping but Shhhhh....Chris does not know!! I have lots of stuff coming in next week. Oops!!

Charlotte and I took a small road trip today to a Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth, CT. It was so pretty and the perfect temperature to browse the gardens. It smelled so good!!

I practiced using my camera today a little with the bee houses. I mainly take photos on automatic after being in a photography class with students this past spring, I tried to take it off this setting. I wanted to blur out the background and have the flowers in focus for this photo. Just fooling around and I kind of like it!!

I LOVED these bee houses. Aren't they pretty!!

Charlotte was actually cooperative for photos today too. (Only wish I had thought to have her wear something different but was not prepared to be really taking photos today.) She was not able to find a job this summer and she is a bit bored. When you look to your mother to be the entertainment, you are in trouble!!

We had the most delicious Lavender Lemonade and I bought some tea for one of my friends that is having a rough time. I am hoping it will help her de-stress.

Well, that is all from me today. Sorry no card!! I hope you have a fabulous night!!