Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Copic Class Practice, Day 1 and Day 2

Just a quick post tonight. I started the online Copic class last night. What a TON of information!!

I took an intro course years ago at my scrapbook store so I was ready for some more information and techniques. So far I am learning that I have a lot of practice to do!! I also am not a huge fan of large images to color. They take too much time!!

So here are my practice sheets for the last two days. I have to admit that I should have colored more but do not have a ton of time. I do what I can do!!

Day 1

I played around with color combinations for this sheet, as well as one, two and three color blending. I learned that 1) you can get a decent blend with just two colors and 2)blending purple is something I have a difficult time with. I also do not do well with where the light is. I am looking forward to that lesson in the class.

Day 2

Today the classes concentrated on types of blending, as well as feathering. I found that I do not really love tip to tip blending. I am just not great with it. I tried it with the blue bird and I just could not get a great blend out of it. Instead, I used an acrylic block technique that was taught on the butterflies. It was to color on the acrylic block and then pick the color up with the lighter marker. I like how both the butterflies came out but not sure about color choices.

That is all for today. Have a great night!!