Sunday, October 18, 2020

Holiday Card Homework Day 1 and Day 2

 Happy Sunday!! Just popping in with some cards that I created for the Holiday Watercolor Class that I am taking. Let me tell you-I am EPICALLY failing at this class. I SUCK at watercolor. 

Here are a few things I have learned:

1) I am not patient enough to watercolor. I took a watercolor class in college 20 years ago and thought I enjoyed it, I learned then that I was not really patient enough for the medium. It takes too long to let things dry and I have too heavy a hand with it.

2) I used the wrong kind of watercolor paper. I have a ton of different brands and used the cheapest I had. Wrong move!! The color does not soak into the paper that well.

3) I should have used the real watercolor I have. I have tubes of good watercolor but was just too lazy to squeeze it out and use. I also need to invest in some better brushes and dedicate them strictly to watercolor.

4) Frisket + Me = DISASTER!! I remember hating using frisket when I was in school. The one I have must have been bad or again, I used too heavy of a hand. When I went to erase it, it left a STAIN on my cards. This was so annoying because these cards took a lot of time for me to make!!

The first three cards are homework from Day 1 of the class.

My first card I like BUT the color is way to dark and the ribbon is not straight. This was the first card I did so I give myself a pass on it being perfect.

I am actually showing it extra large so you can see all the fun mistakes!! I chose to use stamped greetings as the class is strictly watercolor. My handwriting is HORRIBLE.

My second card I "stacked" presents. I like this one a bit better BUT if you notice the top present, some of the green soaked through the bottom. I chose to create a card with it anyway.

If someone doesn't like it, are they really going to tell me? It is a handmade card!!!

Again, I embossed a simple sentiment to match the red card base that I mounted the watercolor panel on.

My last card that I created for day one of the class is a tree that I masked off with tape. I then added some sequins as "ornaments" when I was finished.

I used the golds in the "Starry Colors" Gansai Tambi watercolor and I was a bit heavy handed.

I need to learn to do just a light coat, let it dry, and do another. I get too impatient, though!!

I also had to cut down the card panels and do a bit of "doctoring" because I tore the background of the paper when I took the tape off the edges. Some cards were worse than others.

Day 2 Homework:

I only have one card for the second day of the class. My first two cards were EPIC fails. I used the Frisket on them and it stained when I took it off. I didn't even bother to photograph them but just threw them away. However, the second technique I did was a masking with tape and the card did come out.

I am going to admit two things here-this paint is NOT strictly watercolor but Twinkling H2O's. You cannot tell from the photograph but it has a shimmer to it when put in the light.

The sequins that I added were not part of the class. They are covering up some boo boos that leaked through!!!

I like this technique but again, would try it with a lighter hand next time. Not sure I would use that green again either. It is a bit too "earthy" for me.

Well, that is all from me tonight. I did cards for Day 3 too but have not edited one of them to post. I still have to watch the video for Day 4 but ran out of steam when some of my cards sucked so bad. 

All in all, this class has been a lot of fun and I have learned a TON. I just need to practice some patience and all will be well. I also need to buy some better frisket and lower tack tape!!!

Have a fabulous night!!!