Friday, March 18, 2016

Happy Friday, Upcoming Blog Hop and a Personal Day

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all had a FABULOUS week. This post has no photos and I apologize to those who dislike reading. It is just one of those kinds of days for me!!

I took a personal day today. I get three a year and tend to hoard them. I work in a school and I have to use them by the end of the school year. March is a looooonnnnnggg month in Connecticut. We no longer have a February vacation, which is okay most of the time because we tend to have a ton of snow days. Alas, we have had very little snow this year and I have started to go buggy, hence the personal day.

I was going to call somebody to do something today but felt like spending it by myself doing things I wanted to do. HOWEVER, as it often goes, I wound doing a combination of things that had to get done and things I wanted to do.

The first thing I did was to get rid of some bags of stuff I have been meaning to bring to Goodwill.
I was saving them to haul over to the consignment shop but I always feel really guilty doing that. I also had these bags for a while because I was giving away one of the last loads of some of Charlotte's baby clothes. She is fifteen and I found a plastic bin full of clothes labeled 18 months to 2 years. I will never need these again but it was so hard for me to go through and bag these up.

I have to admit that I get attached to THINGS and as I pulled out and folded up each piece of clothing, a memory popped into my head. Who gave her the outfit,  (and yes, most of the things were OUTFITS-socks, head bands, hats-you name it!!) where I bought the outfit, where Charlotte wore it etc... It really was like packing up my memories and it made me sad. I know I had to do it but getting rid of stuff is traumatic to me.

Then as the story goes, as I get rid of things, I buy things. I took a trip to Homegoods, one of my favorite stores. The one I go to is attached to TJ Maxx and I bought three pairs of summer shoes, two tops, two light weight sweaters and a pair of pants. I didn't buy anything at the Homegoods part but it was just so fun looking at the colors and the stuff they had. I should have taken photos but as it often goes, it was CROWDED and people were getting in my way!! Anyway, it was a fun trip for me, since I rarely take the time to get there, let alone be there by myself.

The last thing for today I wanted to talk about is an upcoming blog hop over at Stamping Smiles Design Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge.

I will be hosting and the design team will be featuring cards that have more of a "punny" nature to them. It will last all weekend-April 1st through April 3rd-and there will be PRIZES. I hope you will hop with us!!

I hope you have a great rest of the day. Hopefully I will get some projects done that I can post this weekend. I miss playing!!