Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 3 and 4 of Clean and Simple Class 3-"Optical Illusion" Homework

Hello again!! I am back with one more card.

Day 3 and 4 of the Clean and Simple Class were all about using optical illusion techniques. I used Jennifer McGuire's technique of masking and shading to create the card below.

This technique was a lot of fun. I had to get out my embossing stuff, as I always seem to have to do with every class I take and this time it wasn't as painful. I love that chicken wire stamp, don't you? It is a REALLY OLD Stampin Up! background I pulled out. I then shaded it with some yellow and orange ink. Behind the orange duck, I used a mask and then stamped a sun burst using a Neat and Tangled stamp. I put yellow ink on the stamp, dotted it with orange and then took the ink blender and shaded on the stamp and THEN stamped the sun. It didn't come out exactly as I liked but this was an experiment that I would try again.

Things I learned from this technique:
I really needed to use masking paper on this rather then the printer paper I used for the mask. (I bought some last night.) I think it would have helped in my shading. I also think the sunburst would have stamped better as the right side didn't get as much color as the left and I made sure the ink was the same on both sides.

I also found a white embossing powder I liked. I used WOW! with Versamark Ink. It really did a great job on the detail of the fencing.

Thanks for stopping by!! I will be back with one more card!!


Jean said...

This is just adorable! Wonderful stamp choices and your masking is terrific!

Lee-Anne said...

Such a cool the shape of the mask!

WickedPixie said...

Wow! This card looks fantastic!