Friday, December 8, 2017

Accountability and Hoarding Supplies

Hello everyone!! Happy Friday!

I have been doing a lot of soul searching in my crafting endeavors and trying to come up with ways to use my STUFF. Right now my room is a mess. I am going to post some photos below that I took last night to show you what a hoarder I have become.

This is the floor around my desk:

This is part of my desk where I have started working:

This is my "coloring station" where I use my different markers.

Can you see what a MESS my space is currently? And I am not even showing you the whole room!!

Anyway, I am posting these to make myself accountable. I need to clean up my supplies so I can USE them. (And when I talk about using the stuff on my desk-this is why I have so many choices!!) You would think that my room being like this would make me NOT want to craft, right? WRONG!! I just push it aside and carry on. I cannot do it anymore, though.

So here is to being accountable and not being such a hoarder!!

Thanks for stopping by and looking at "my mess." Have a FABULOUS Friday!!


Lisa Elton said...

You go girl!!

Jean said...

I'm right there with you! And yay for accountability! I'm classifying my lists for decluttering/organizing into before Christmas and after Christmas. Before Christmas the dining table must be cleared of my crafting supplies! After Christmas I'll address some of the other crafting organization.

Marilyn said...

This is not hoarding... who told you that? This is making sure you have supplies and it's as simple as that.
I guess I can relate to this (but we are not hoarders). Your work space makes me chuckle because that's how I craft... and my work desk too. It appears to be massive clutter to anyone else but we know exactly where stuff is, although I do have to admit that one day I spent an hour looking for a tiny sentiment stamp from a set which had disappeard. Finally found it... stuck on the underside of my Misti. Which proves nothing more than the fact that you can't trust your Misti!

Stef Perry said...

Isn't it amazing how easy it is to "collect" crafting stuff? In preparation for a move this summer, I made myself cull all aspects of things in my craft room. Unless something had a special meaning or I just couldn't bear to part with it, if I hadn't used it in more than a couple of years (or less for some things), I either sold it in a garage sale, donated it, gave it to my neighbor or to my daughter and granddaughter. It was so freeing! Of course I don't necssarily recommend that drastic a move for others but organizing what you have will certainly give you a new perspective on your "stuff"! Good luck!