Monday, April 20, 2015

A Creative Sort of Mood

Hello, hello, hello!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

It was back to the old grind after having a FABULOUS week off last week. We didn't go anywhere but sometimes those are the best vacations. I spent time reading, doing laundry, cleaning, getting a pedicure and then shopping a bit with my daughter-it was just wonderful. I so needed it and am looking forward to being off for the summer. I just have to make it through nine more weeks.

Today I am sharing some of my "experiments" that I did using Altenew's "Vintage Roses" stamp set. 

If you browse through Pinterest, there are some STUNNING cards using this set. However, I had a really tough time with it. I even watched several videos on how to layer them and I still had a difficult time. I am not a novice at stamping by any means but sometimes stamps need to be played with a bit to get comfortable and I think this is one of them. 

The first technique I attempted was to use three colors of distress ink and a watercolor brush to create my flowers.

As you can see, this did not go very well. The flowers are very impressionistic. I do not usually stamp with distress inks and I think this is one of the problems with using them with these stamps. I do like the red, though.

I then tried using different colors of melon ink to the layered roses.

Again, I did not like the look. I did not get the stamping "perfect" and it bugged me.

My last try was to use the same ink but in first, second and third generation stamping.

First I stamped the lightest color. I inked up the stamp and then stamped off twice to get the lighter pink. Next I stamped the medium color, only stamping off once. The detail stamping was inking and stamping. I did not love this technique that well either. I also messed up on the top rose, not placing it where it went at all. This was my last attempt and I was VERY frustrated by then.

I just bought a MISTI last week and think that I need to play with this set using this tool. Then at least the layers will be straight. I also need to test inks together to see if they "go" with each other. All in all, I am so disappointed by my results because I wanted these stamp set so bad and I know it is user error.

If anyone has any great advice about using this particular stamp set, I would love to hear it. Thank you for stopping by.


Becca Cruger said...

I'm so jealous of your Misti!!! I think you're right that this would make a good stamp set to play around with it. But if any stampset is one that you can be imperfect with this one. Can't wait to see some of your new creation.

Inkyfingers said...

Isn't personal taste funny! I really like the impressionist style of your flowers Nora, but I sympathise that when you have an idea of how something should look and it doesn't come out right, it can be so frustrating. I don't have this set but I had a similar one from PTI some time ago and had trouble layering it up. I bet the Misti will help - I'm really pleased with mine but I haven't tried it with this kind of layering yet.
Carol x

Susanne Vargas said...

I would love to have this set as I have seen some stunning and "realistic" roses made with it. But I have also heard that it's not easy to do. Sorry I can't give you any tips other than keep playing around. I think it depends a lot on which inks and colors you use... Honestly I think yours are not bad at all! Maybe you just have to step back and look at them from afar and make cards with them. Sometimes when you add a sentiment, maybe a butterfly and embellishments it turns out pretty!

Taunya Butler said...

I don't have any advice for you but I thought the first try was the best one!! I loved the look those gorgeous red blooms had!! What a fun thing it is to get a new stamp set but a bummer when you struggle as you try to create with it!! I had that problem with a set called Petals & Stems from Avery Elle!! My first try was so-so at best!! But keep trying - I am sure you will wow us with it at some future point!!! Don't let this get you down!! Have fun!!

Stamping Smiles Designs said...

Nora, I always wanted this set along with painted butterflies, but I was afraid of the same thing you were experiencing. So, I never got it. But, from the 1st picture, the stamping looks good. Well, let me know if you figure it out. And good-luck!

Tracey McNeely said...

Beautiful card Nora, and don't be so hard on yourself we all have trouble lining multi layer stamp sets up.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely lovely!

Miriam Prantner said...

These are all so beautiful! I have a hard time with multi step stamps....I'm a shaky stamper, but your flowers look perfect!

Kim Heggins said...

These are so the clean look you created with them.